We all want love it is crucial for us to feel loved. Many people have no idea how complicated the love actually is. Some are successful, but some are not that lucky. There are people who experience love from others but never loved anyone themselves. Other people find it difficult to find somebody who would love them, though they can love and show care. Talking about love rarely brings any other conclusion than the love is astonishing, amazing and spectacular thing. But is there a way for love to make you feel happy? And what about those who can’t love, do they feel happy? Is it possible for love to take your happiness away? Read the following article to know more about love and other pretty abstract, though significant, questions.

Yes, It Can

Many people cannot imagine their lives without real romantic relationships, without love, going on dates and their own family. These are considered to be the most vital goals by the majority of people. There can be no doubts that love makes those people feel happy, since they find the meaning of life in the co-existence with another people. How do we understand happiness? It is when a person is totally cool with the way his or her life is. Though it might be okay for some people to spend their whole lives alone, it is definitely not so for the majority of people. All people need other people in their lives as lovers, friends, relatives, etc. Being in love is the closest form of personal contact possible. People who fall in love become astonishingly happy. Even scientific data confirms that being in love increases the release of dopamine in brain, a hormone that is responsible for the feeling of happiness. Those who love are way happier because they are not alone, there is somebody who supports them and they are able to express kindness, gratitude, and compassion.

No, It Can’t

As usual with such complex subjects, there’s a contrary opinion which asserts that love cannot bring happiness. Moreover, many broken hearted people claim that opposite saying that love can bring unhappiness. Not many relationships last for long. According to statistic more than 65% of all couples eventually break up. And when they do former partners are usually left emotionally devastated. Breakups can cause stress, anxiety, depression, and apathy. That is why many people are afraid of falling in love because it requires completely opening up to another person. And that allows partners to hurt each other in numerous different ways.

It Depends on a Person

Even those who experienced the hardest and roughest breakup possible often say that they wouldn’t trade their experience back. Therefore, it is better to love and to lose than to never love in the first place. Most importantly, happiness depends on a person, not on love. A happy person will be happy in love. An unhappy person will be unhappy in love. Love is not the only path to happiness, though it is the one taken more often than others. However, it is crucial to understand that love itself is a byproduct of communication and interaction of two people. Whether love will be or won’t be a happy one depends on these two people. Moreover, same relationship can be happy in the beginning and unhappy in the end because nothing ever stays the same.


Finally, many confuse love with sexual pleasure. Sensual love is of course, important. It is needed for procreation and creating a family. But partners should never forget to practice safe sex. Sex is the closet form of physical contact possible. Literally and metaphorically, two partners attempt to become one during a sexual intercourse. It feels great and can bring a lot of joy making partners feel happier. Sex is inseparable from love.

For some love is the answer. Others fear it because they don’t know how to handle it. Many people fall madly in love. Others create families and find the meaning in life love. It is totally up to you whether to give love a chance or not.

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