I am currently an executive at Viximo, an early stage start-up in the virtual goods space. Its in stealth mode, so don’t tell anybody.

I’ve been involved in online gaming and digital media for most of my career. It all started in 1984 when I anxiously opened my first computer, an Apple //c. Nearly twenty-four hours later (none of which was spent sleeping) I had finished writing my first game — a simple quiz game whose charms were lost on everyone except for me.

In 1993, I founded Terminal Sunset Software to develop interactive entertainment and multimedia applications for the Mac. Terminal Sunset released four commercial products: Digital Messiah, ShadowWraith, Souls in the System, and EarSaver.

In 1998, I joined Microsoft as Program Manager for the MSN Gaming Zone’s retail integration business. In 2000, I joined the Xbox group as the founding member of the Xbox Live team. From 2001 to 2004, I managed several initiatives to develop massively multiplayer games for Xbox and Xbox 360.

Most recently, I was COO for AdvisorNow, a venture capital backed startup which generates leads for the financial services industry using long tail Paid Search marketing campaigns on Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

I hold an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management and a BS in Computer System Engineering from Boston University.

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