On Thursday April 3rd and Friday April 4th, I attended the Virtual Worlds 2008 conference in New York City. This year’s attendance, which rose sharply from last year, serves as a reminder that interest in virtual worlds is exploding.

The conference featured an impressive array of speakers and some really good ground was covered. In-depth session transcripts have been posted on Virtual Worlds News, which is run by the organizers of the event. Rather than post my own transcripts, I’ve put together a series of articles inspired by the sessions I attended. These articles will be posted over the next week.

Virtual Goods Branding 101 discusses the tightly coupled relationship between brands and virtual worlds.

Metrics for a Brave New (Virtual) World discusses the effort to define and standardize metrics for virtual world media.

Second Life is the Industry Anomaly, Not the Standard discusses how the relevance of Second Life is waning as more successful virtual worlds take center stage.

Stardoll: Casual Web Community or Hardcore Virtual World? discusses how Stardoll has defied conventional wisdom about what is and isn’t “hardcore”.

Virtual Worlds Through the Generations provides an analysis of virtual world growth segmented by age demographic.

Zen and the Art of Curated Experiences discusses how virtual worlds are using structured activities to create a more engaging experience for their users.

I’ll add links to the articles as they are posted. So check back here or subscribe to the RSS feed if you’d like to keep up to date.